Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sierra Sorensen, Project 3

Project 3: Interactive website

For my third project, I am thinking of having a site that uses interactivity with food. I love cooking, and I am vegan, so I think I will incorporate that into the site. I would have a list of ingredients that are cheap and available in most areas. These could be thought of by me, or submitted by anyone. Then I will use a random generator to generate 3 ingredients and use those choices to come up with recipes (kind of like Iron Chef) and post the recipe and photos on the site once a week. I think it would be fun to have people comment on the photos and recipes, and leave their opinions on the recipe if they tried it. I also think it would be fun for people to submit ideas on replacements for meat recipes, like turning Chicken Parmesan into Eggplant or Tofu Parmesan.

Site Design draft 1:

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