Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Shanley Melessa, project 3

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As human beings we think it is our job to control everything around us including the landscape. I find it interesting that indeed the opposite is true. The landscape controls us. It dictates how we dress, what recreational activities we are involved in, where we live, etc. I think it’s interesting that everyone can relate to each other when it comes to landscape. Beautiful landscape pictures are the most overused cliché kind of photography there is, but the reason they are cliché is because people like these and we begin to see them over and over again. These landscape photos appeal to the masses and this interests me. For this project I want to organize the landscape digitally. I will do this by making a world out of small landscape photos. These will be collaborative photos from flickr. People will be able to have their work shown a long with having their stamp on the world conceptually as well as physically. It will also allow people to show their work, collaborate with other artists, build a fictitious romanticized landscape, and look at some great photography.

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