Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tom Quiroz, Project 3

Considering the state of world, various addictions and depression are leading contributors to widespread unhappiness. Seeing first-hand the difficulties among people close to me, I hope to help out with a web-interface that may prove very useful to those struggling. Even if you are not having serious problems related to addiction and/or depression, it may be good to see what can help should you happen to have people in your life that do have such challenges.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sierra Sorensen, Project 3

Project 3: Interactive website

For my third project, I am thinking of having a site that uses interactivity with food. I love cooking, and I am vegan, so I think I will incorporate that into the site. I would have a list of ingredients that are cheap and available in most areas. These could be thought of by me, or submitted by anyone. Then I will use a random generator to generate 3 ingredients and use those choices to come up with recipes (kind of like Iron Chef) and post the recipe and photos on the site once a week. I think it would be fun to have people comment on the photos and recipes, and leave their opinions on the recipe if they tried it. I also think it would be fun for people to submit ideas on replacements for meat recipes, like turning Chicken Parmesan into Eggplant or Tofu Parmesan.

Site Design draft 1:

Shanley Melessa, project 3

Kitschscape Project:

Home Page:
Contribute Page:
Upload Page:Gallery Page:

As human beings we think it is our job to control everything around us including the landscape. I find it interesting that indeed the opposite is true. The landscape controls us. It dictates how we dress, what recreational activities we are involved in, where we live, etc. I think it’s interesting that everyone can relate to each other when it comes to landscape. Beautiful landscape pictures are the most overused cliché kind of photography there is, but the reason they are cliché is because people like these and we begin to see them over and over again. These landscape photos appeal to the masses and this interests me. For this project I want to organize the landscape digitally. I will do this by making a world out of small landscape photos. These will be collaborative photos from flickr. People will be able to have their work shown a long with having their stamp on the world conceptually as well as physically. It will also allow people to show their work, collaborate with other artists, build a fictitious romanticized landscape, and look at some great photography.

Mood board


Wire frame

Katie Poloni-Project 3

Sheesh I'm having a hard time coming up with something for this project. But here is my idea:

I've always been fascinated by the mail. I think it's so interesting you can stick a sticker, add some text and it can land in the hands of someone across the world. So I want to do something that involves that. When I was younger I LOVED this book:

Anyone else read it? Anyways, I remember it had a little section about fun facts about the post office and what you could send through the mail and gave some funny ideas of what you could do.

SO. My first thought was to do something like that. Have a website that people can have a quick tutorial about what is needed to send something through the mail, and then have a way that they can upload their picture of the crazy thing they sent through the mail (example: a coconut), how much it cost to send, where they sent it to, and a place for delivery success. It'd be a way to test the limits of the post office, be creative, and be able to share it with others.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Spencer Hill, Project 3

Sounds of Silence Experiment

While working on a project for another class, I came to the realization that it is pretty near impossible for someone to find total and complete silence. There is usually some ambient noise or even noise inside your own head. What I want to create is a space that allows users to capture what is accepted as their silence and upload the sound file, along with a picture and description, and share their experience with others becoming aware of their "silence." I want to expose the diversity of the "silence" and see what others have been using as their own "silence."

Dan Nydegger, Project 3
Here is the new mood board that shows both looks that I am going for in this website.
Here are the final revisions to the design.

Kimberly Duke, Project 3

The Yellow Square Project uses post-it notes in public places. The idea is to inspire others and make the world a better place. People can come to this site to get more information about the project, get information on how to participate, share their photos, and view others photos.

The website; in progress...

I didn't make many changes to the website from the in progress critique. I changed the idea for the gallery page, I ended up just doing a flikr sideshow so it will be easier to maintain.

Oh and it's up on the web- so check it out here