Monday, November 15, 2010

Brenna Morgan, Project 3

The Cardboard Community Conspiracy

For project three, I am interested in creating an online resource for a "fake" estoteric society. I want to create a site that somewhat tricks people into believing there is a community where people rely on just cardboard and hot glue for construction of every object in their homes!While creating this type of lifestyle is only partly possible, i think it is a fun way to spark people's imagination for creating as many different types of cardboard objects as they can. I am attracted to this type of art, but found there isn't really a site that leads you to a mass amount of cardboard pieces. The site will be based upon showcasing other "cardboard sculptors'" work on the site, then eventually allowing visitors to the site to create their own work, take a picture, andupload it to the site. Through this process, we can all view, create, and share all of our cardboard scuptures!

Landing Page

Sketches #1-5


"About" - Daughter Page

"Clothing" - Daughter Page

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sunday, November 7, 2010

I love music, underground music specifically. From the fairly obvious heavy metal that originates from europe and skandinavia in general, to independent hip hop artist that have actually become underground legends in their own right simply for the fact that they have their own record label to which they can choose to sign any talent they wish. After much deliberation I finally came to the idea of a user editable, similar to wikipedia, user interface where registered users can find/add/update info and music stylings of artist and bands that they wouldn't normal just hear info for on the radio or read it in the local newspaper. I am still working on the name of it though.
I only have the main page because after seeing the "spry menu" demo I'm thinking it would work much better as a single page with just the live or editable content inside the user interface itself, it would slide up and the info under the button you click would drop down. Basically the interface in the center and everything else, wouldn't change, just the content inside.