Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Danelle Cheney: MMDG

For my performance artist I have chose Mark Morris Dance Group.
This first image is a list of comparable dance companies and dancers, and the following pages are screenshots of websites for those companies. In the world of performance art, there are some really amazing examples of design and branding but there are also some really mediocre examples.

I want the website for MMDG to reflect their prestigious image in the dance world and remain simple and classy for users. the home page should be one dynamic photo, with a simplified menu that complements said photo.

again: dynamic dance photos, bright accent colors, very simple sans serif fonts.

Website Design:

This is my semi-complete design. I have mapped out the way I would like the menus to work so I could complete the home page menu.

I wish I could have found a better photo, but oh well... I will just have to get them to hire me and do photos myself. Hahaha I wish.

I am STUCK on the logo... I would like to redesign it but am stumped. Getting close I think.. This is the basic style I would like to go with (sans serif titles/headers, serif body text). I want the logo to be left-aligned and stacked as they often refer to themselves as 'MMDG' and that placement would emphasize the abbreviation. It just needs something to make it stand out. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Website Design (Round Two):

This is definitely more along the lines of what I was originally thinking. It just took a lot of time to find the right photo to work with. I like this logo better as well although it could still use some work.

Website Design (Round Three):

I am much happier with this version. Jay asked me to design past the landing page so I will work on that next. Thanks to those of you who have left me feedback. :)

Final Website Comps

Thought I might finally post these...










  1. I think it was a smart idea to do background research on Mark Morris. The bright colors will be a better reflection of his personality. I like the concept of black with some pop of color!

  2. I like how you kept this page very clean but still made it energetic. One thing that bothers me is that the logo is cutting off a dudes head on the new image.

  3. I agree with dan on the second one. I really like the type and how its laid out on the main page though. looks great.

  4. Danelle, flipping the photo works much better. I would be interested in seeing what the site would look like after you visit one of the links. I love the movement.